Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Beware The Cactus by David Young

Beware! Of the Cactus!

Its not often one sees me and cactus in the same picture… (Save of course inside a hot house.) But seeing these fickle hot-house plants littering the ground like Velvet Leaf in an Iowa corn field. Really brings a smile to my face. But its not always been a love only relationship. For these silly plants will follow you all the way back to your hotel room. Riding on your shoes. Then jump onto the rug. Where they then wait patiently for you to take off your shoes and… OUCH! It would be funny if not for the fact I suffer from diabetes. Making foot injuries series business. Fortunately the points tend to break off in my heavy soles. And one has yet to break skin. We Iowans do wear very tough shoes you know… Of course if hotels would avoid using brown patterned rugs. Or better. No rugs at all! These little hitchhikers. Would be easier to spot before I put my foot down!

David Young

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