Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

Day after tomorrow I will be riding in the car on my way to California. Riding with me will be one old friend and one new one...and a slightly less old and slightly less new friend will be guiding us from afar. David Young, the hero of our journey is a long time friend from Uptown Bill's Small Mall. Joe Cox, the filmmaker for our journey, is a new friend that I met via YouTube. Our guide and advisor is Barry Morrow, the Oscar winning writer of the movie Rain Man, and the Emmy Award winning writer for the movies Bill and Bill On His Own.

David, Joe and I will be journeying to witness the realization of David's lifelong dream to see the Pacific Ocean and to visit San Francisco (or Sanfra) as he calls it. It is David's dream but he has agreed to share it with us, and with Barry's guidance we will be sharing it with you. We have a general direction - west...a general timeframe - two weeks...and a very specific purpose - follow David's Dream. Our path may wander and our clock may idle but with David's strength and perseverance we are assured of success.

As we embark I would like to thank my wonderful wife and best friend, Rejeanne Davis Ashley Hankins, for her patient support and enduring love. Without her, this quest would have been virtually, if not entirely, impossible. Also, none of this would have happened without a loving gentleman named Bill Sackter, whose legacy still brightly shines in the spirit of Tom Walz and that fascinating little island of sanity in our insane world: Uptown Bill's Small Mall. ( Be sure to check out Lane Wyrick's award winning documentary about Bill at:

P.S. I almost forgot we have a YouTube site for the journey as well: / Joe (and occasionally I) will be posting short videos as we go along. It's a veritable Media Extravaganza!!!!!!!!


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