Monday, April 27, 2009

Let Him Speak

David sent some more writings. Let him speak.

After capturing his first (and it turns out only) queen ant and marveling at the hills of my home state - Arkansas, David had another moment of wonder in Texarkana.

I just incountered a most wimsical place. Which so closely resumbles my home state. As to have me thinking I am between Des Moines and Iowacity. Tell I looked closer. Noting the entire land is as flat as a pancake. Its as if somebody took a huge steam iron to the entire state of Iowa. This place is as flat as Arkensal is hilly! Then I noteced what had to be clearly artifical cactus. That looked so real I went up to check the plants close up. And to my supprise. They were real! The plants. Well known as a hot house plant. Where not only growing by the road. In an out door planter. But they were thriving! With out the aid of a hot house. It was the dangist place I have ever seen!

In Dallas, we met two old friends of mine, Carol and Richard for an exotic dinner at a Nicaraguan/Mexican restaurant. However, our hotel left a little to be desired. David found a sack of prescription drug bottles in his room. He quickly called the front desk who took quickly took care of the problem but the incident was not one of David's favorites.

A oddish land of wimsy. Great to visit. But not to stay! Unless the dope I found in my motal room is yours? Then please do stay a while. Say ten to twenty.... But please! Keep out of Iowa! We don't want your kind! Now while the place has its charms. The hotal in Dallas left a lot to be disired! With useless internet service. Plus somebodys large stash of perscription only substances I discovered when I opened a dresser drawer. (Eather the owner is dead? 'Given the sheer number of pill bottles. Or he/she is headed too or is allready in a longer stay hotale. Curtisy of the Texas dept of corrections.)

Oh and the place is sheer murder on my feet! Even with the boots I purchesed just for this particuler plot of wimsicle oddish ground.
Am finaly exiting Dallas. Fortenly the incident with the dope. Turned out to be inocent. Turned out the hotal was like two miles from a majure texas mential hospital... Hummm. Hence the large amount of perscription medicene left behind. And I thought taking two pills a day was a huge amount! And a night with feet propped up did wonders for my poor feet.

After passing through Dallas and spending we headed for Abilene and David's first view of desert country.

And I am now making a bee line towards fire ant country! Which will be far more freindly to feet than set ready mix.
After having found my second queen. Who turned out to be not long for this world. We now make a bee line towards our next stop. Abilene texas. If only Justen knew... Then after another night in a hotal. (Ps. I have become quite adept at setting up Myrmecology labs in record time.. Only to then take them down even faster.) Hopefully with internet service. And free of substances.... I will be making a bee line towards the Desart!
Iowa. Seems to be more a faiding memory now. As if some faveret childhood playground. A place now as exotic and noval as Texas. The land of wonder the land of wimsy.

After Abilene, we moved on to Wilcox, Arizona where David began to discover the difference between hills and true mountains.

The hills around Willcox Arazona. It took some getting used to the scale of things. I having nearly walked from my hotal to a hill I assumed was at most a cople thousand yards away. When it was in fact nearly FIFTEEN MILES! A good thirty minits by car... Thankfully I changed my mind. Shoes you see are very expensive in Iowa city Iowa. And I realy can not afford to wear them out...

The following evidently was written our first evening in San Francisco (Sanfra in David's tongue). We were there three days. The transformation to David's psyche was decades in scope.

Puruse for a momet. A town. Made from left over bits of all other towns in the world. All cramed togaver. And drapped over a frighteningly steep hill. Now name the streets at randome. And you have a town you can name a type of dream after. It the place. Is fully outside my understanding. Its ok to smoke a joint. But one dare not light up a camal. But strange as the place is. I can allready see myself calling it home. Less than five seconds after my right foot landed on the readymix. I have no name for this town. So well just call it. Dreamtown USA. Or San Fra... Will also do.

On our second day in San Francisco, I took David shopping and to get the "thing" (nose piercing) done. The piercing was not a favorite of mine as David evidently noticed.
I am now near the end of my first full day in Sanfra. Did some shopping over on Folsum street. Before then undergoing minure surgery on Castro street... (Nothing like ending the day getting a ten gage dermal punch driven through ones nostrals.) Which has taken some of the bullish stubreness out of me... And since you have to ask? Yes it hurt! But not as much as it hurt poor dale. Who had to stand there wincing as that big needle was thrust through his freinds nostrals. (You know. We could have had you on the table while I held you down and watched... Just kidding dale.)

Finally after two days of hellish 800+ miles per day driving, we neared home. As we reached the Missouri I heard more tapping on the keyboard...

And finaly. We see the state of Iowa close up. Famus for its corn, beans, corn, beans and pigs. Oh and theres a person or two too. Along with its maze of rural roads. Make a wrong turn here... And your gona stay a while. There is no excape from this most beloved land between two rivers. Most beloved cause well. Thats where my heart has been... Named after a tribe that once lived there. I call it by its other name. Home! Ok make that my home away from home. After all. My real home is by the bay. In a town called San Francisco. But we just call her. San Fra....
I can think of nothing to add. Write on David.

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