Sunday, April 19, 2009


There was a void in the car today. There was no click of computer keys. No camera slowly moved forward from the back seat to record David and me as we talked. There was no cheerful Manchester chuckle over scenes from our trip. Joe is gone.

Who can say how friendships are formed? Sometimes they take years to grow and at others they seem to leap full blown from the ground. That's how it is with Joe. Our time together has been brief but our friendship feels as though it has had decades to grow. Perhaps, as some believe each of us lives many lives...working to free ourselves from illusion. Perhaps Joe and I met in some former life and I am simply recalling an earlier time. Or perhaps Joe's accent reminded me of the time I worked in Lancashire and Glasgow. Regardless, we quickly became friends on our quixotic quest to fulfill David's Dream.

Joe shared much of his life story with me. To me there is no greater gift. I feel priveleged.

I will never forget Joe. I will always see his wiry form running about interviewing the dozens of people he met along our journey. I will laugh at the shocked look on their faces that seem to ask, "Who the hell is this crazy man? Why is he talking to me?" I will smile in memory of how Joe quickly turned their shock into laughter and acceptance of their newfound role as stars in the documentary. If there ever is a film of our journey, it will be due to Joe and his artistry.

I miss you Joe. I hope you are home safe among friends and family. Say hello to Eve and all the rest. Maybe Rejeanne and I will be able to visit you someday. I hope so. I truly do.


  1. I forgot to tell you i met a girl at the airport in SanFrancisco i have to come back to make a film about her :) she has had her Irish passport taken off her for some reason and is stranded over there its a long story..but thanks for the trip dale we will meet again soon mate x

  2. You are a true hound dog. :-) Peace and love my friend.